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  • First things first...

    If you've been banned from our servers, chances are you've done something we really don't like.
    The following things are not tolerated:

    • Abusive behaviour (e.g. randomly flaming folks)
    • Throwing "hacusations" around
    • Racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, etc. (everybody is welcome here)
    • Using hacks or software to gain an unfair advantage (this kinda goes without saying)
    • Posting links to illegal software, warez websites or pornographic content

    We're not overly sensitive and some of us get called noobs a lot, but there's a line which, once crossed, means you're no longer welcome and we'll use the ban hammer.

    Appealing a ban... 

    To appeal your ban you'll need to:

    • Provide your exact soldier name used on our servers
    • Acknowledge what you did
    • Understand why it was wrong
    • Convince us it won't happen again

    If you can't do all of these things then the chances are you're staying banned.

    As part of your ban appeal we'll probably ask you some questions or challenge the things you've said.
    How you reply to these questions and challenges will have a big impact on whether we lift your ban.

    We may use third party tools like BF4DB to assess your statistics if the appeal relates to a ban placed for cheating.
    If deemed necessary, we may also require you to stream your gameplay or provide video recordings of your gameplay for review.

    We will usually let you know the outcome of your ban appeal within 48 hours. We're not in a rush though, so if it takes longer then you'll just have to be patient.

    NB: If you've never posted on our forums before then your first post will need to be approved before it is visible. Do not post repeat threads as these will just be deleted.

    What we won't hear ban appeals for...

    If you are on a PBBans or GGC banlist, or have been permanently banned by FairFight, we will not take any steps to let you on our servers.
    You must appeal your ban with PBBans, GGC, or EA (e.g. for FairFight bans).

    How not to appeal a ban...

    Step 1: Appeal your ban with a half arsed story...


    Hi everyone!
    i writing this topic to apologize for my cousin who play on my account without my acceptation, when he was at my home
    Half-year ago i wanted to play and i saw message : ,,ban : cancer remark'' i was really shocked because i'm not hater or someone like this.
    i want to apologize for this situation, and ask for unban. and sorry for my english, but i'm not really good at this language 
                                                                                                                                                           with  regards 

    Step 2: Be a complete dick on our servers...


    2015-04-07 00:59:19 - Chat esten2000 to all: please give me second chance it is one of the best server in battlefield
    2015-04-07 00:58:34 - Chat esten2000 to all: was me?
    2015-04-07 00:58:31 - Chat esten2000 to all: bob, im not Hater i was blocked by fucking idiot it will be better when i have to say it
    2015-04-07 00:55:53 - Chat esten2000 to all: worster im polish and thats why you didnt give me chance
    2015-04-07 00:55:21 - Chat esten2000 to all: and im not russian!
    2015-04-07 00:55:12 - Chat esten2000 to all: :/ 
    2015-04-07 00:54:27 - Chat esten2000 to all: please give me a chance dont be soo bad
    2015-04-07 00:53:54 - Chat esten2000 to all: i SAD truth
    2015-04-07 00:53:40 - Chat esten2000 to all: that way i could say it was me and im so sorry like other players wgho were banned?
    2015-04-07 00:52:56 - Chat esten2000 to all: i just to say im not Hater why you dont trust me!
    2015-04-07 00:52:14 - Chat esten2000 to all: :/ 
    2015-04-07 00:52:00 - Chat esten2000 lz0r to all: i dont want to argue you
    2015-04-07 00:51:46 - Chat esten2000 to all: el el el something
    2015-04-07 00:48:32 - Chat esten2000 to all: this server and this site is full of idiots like el guapo or el shit
    2015-04-07 00:47:59 - Chat esten2000 to all: dont write like that uyou'll be banned like me
    2015-04-07 00:46:49 - Chat esten2000 to all: how is going?

    Step 3: Register an enormous number of accounts only to discover you are less bright than the forum admins and are either instantly banned or instantly moderated...

  • Submit your ban appeal here:

    New ban appeal

    (the link will only work if you're logged in)