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  1. El Guapo

    NormanD - reapplying

    Yes, I can endorse this chap guys. He also PM'd me and I have responded and copied Octi into the conversation. Col is a steady and sensible member worth allowing back into the fold.....he's also a mean BF4 team player to have on your side.... ...but that's up to you guys. Take care all. Bob.
  2. El Guapo


    LMAO...DayZ meets the Walking Dead....mint.
  3. El Guapo

    Epoch Mod - zombie/survival

    It's a seperate tool outside of the game. I find it works better than the built in launcher but each to their own. What I like is the way it keeps stuff upto date and the interface. Given the number of disconnects I see, there is a need for tools like these.
  4. El Guapo

    Epoch Mod - zombie/survival

    I may have said this before but do install A3 Launcher. It's the easiest way to get your mods for ARMA 3 and keeps them up to date. I see a lot of people getting disconnected for joining a server with missing mods. Link here for A3 Launcher: https://a3launcher.com/ I would also add that there are many good mods out there without the Zombies....but they do spice things up a bit
  5. El Guapo

    Epoch Mod - zombie/survival

    Guys, if BF is a dying game believe me, there is life after it. I do recommend giving ARMA 3 a run out and would suggest the mods Battle Royale and King of the Hill. I'm an Exile man myself and if PvP is your bag, there are some good British servers out there giving you a chance to play some group based domination or if Lone Wolf is your bag, you likewise will not be disappointed. Consider it the thinking man's BF. Player Unknown Battlefiels is a new Early Access Game on Steam and Sionn is playing now. It's a kinda ARMA 3 stand alone of Battle Royale. Have look....you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. See you on the Battlefield.....beware of Bob the Bandit.....;)
  6. Some time ago in a galaxy far away, Mafia 3 pre release was discussed. For fans of the series, it looked a nice update to the franchise with a brilliant 60s soundtrack built into it. Now, to an oldtimer like me, this is well worth the spondoolies (currency) alone as it makes the game fun to play. You can see the soundtrack here: http://mafiagame.wikia.com/wiki/Mafia_III_Soundtrack £11.54 in the Steam sale....67% off..... Only played 5 minutes and I'm in 60s heaven.......
  7. El Guapo

    Lets test if the forum works...

    Viva la revolución