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  1. Nesrathil

    BF Bad Company 3?

    @FloofersFox there will be no premium pass for Battlefield V and no pay-to-win concept at all acording to the reveal stream yesterday.. Alot more cosmetics so that will probably be the way they try to get cash out of the game..
  2. Nesrathil

    BF Bad Company 3?

  3. Nesrathil

    BF Bad Company 3?

    There has been a play test in Stockholm by Dice.. The youtubers were playing Battlefront2 and the "normal" people were allowed to try a scenario from the new Battlefield title.. All information I currently got is that they played a scenario with a car and that the "leaked picture is correct" refering to a login screen... which all I can find is futuristic and looks more like BC3 then WW2ish... Ill tell ya mopre if I get mnore info!
  4. So I bought the game 2 weeks to early then
  5. Nesrathil

    Revolucion Radio

    Cant remember if already posted this but its a great song and so much going on in the vid...
  6. Nesrathil

    Pokemon Go

  7. Nesrathil

    Pokemon Go

    Just throwing this one out there... Is someone still playing? I just started again and missed loads.. Legendaries I didnt catch, my fighting pokemon not beeing good anymore.. and not to forgett I am about 10 lvls behind everyone else around here...
  8. Nesrathil

    Apocalypse - The last DLC

    Apocalypse, the final DLC for BF1 is supposed to hit us tomorrow! https://www.battlefield.com/games/battlefield-1/apocalypse It does seem quite small, only 3 new maps, well 5 if you count Air Assult maps, but who does that? And 6 new weapons... And finaly a carried AA rocket gun! And after that.. RELEASE SOME DARN INFO ON THE NEXT BATTLEFIELD DICE!!! But yeah.. last DLC of Bf1 and then that era is over..
  9. Nesrathil

    NormanD - reapplying

    Hey Norm! Nice to see you back here aswell!
  10. Nesrathil

    BF Bad Company 3?

    Aparently there is some things against the next one to be BC3... Personaly I would love a ww2 BF again... Maybe multiple BF games are in production and will release with 1 year apart or something like that...
  11. Nesrathil

    Help with music video

    Well, neonpaint and kinda aggressive... and I guess his studio looks a bit like a garage
  12. Duuuuude I can also make cucumber water! Whats so special about that! And did it take him 100 years to make that cake? Looks awsome, but beeing a very picky person I dont think I would like most of it But it looks realy good!
  13. Nesrathil

    Where is remon

    In my basement.... @RemonRicardo
  14. Nesrathil

    Overkill for minesweeper?

    To weak CPU, for minesweeper you need an i9-7900x.. That one should run solitaire...