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VIVA has its own Discord server! Do join if you haven't already! : )
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  1. Thanks mate
  2. Thank you man.
  3. Hey, my brothers i miss you all and very excited to play with you again a few days ago i bought a new pc which is: CPU: INTEL I5 8600K M.B: ASUS Z370 PRIME A RAM: ADATA XPG 16 Giga Byte 3000 CPU COOLER: COOLER MASTER B120I (water cooling) STORAGE: A-HDD WD 1 Tera Byte B-SSD SANDISK 128 Giga Byte VGA: MSI GTX 1070TI DUKE MONITOR: ASUS VG248 144HZ what is your opinion about is?? ###DID VIVA HAVE SERVER FOR BF1?? Thanks.
  4. Eragon_G36

    GPU upgrade

    I suggest GTX 1060
  5. Eragon_G36

    What pc setups do you have?

    Nice Specs mate. I have laptop with simple specs when i bought new PC i share the specs here .