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  1. N80wl

    Pokemon Go

    Eew. Juat...eew. Or if you prefer, liuuuuuuuuuuuuu. This went out as a no go since I met two guys last year that was going out in a boat...yes...hunting pokemons. I just thought to myself, not having a clue since I was mostly working. "Well, wtf is going on, did world just go batshit crazy? Soeorry.
  2. N80wl

    BF Bad Company 3?

    Well, yes buut, they make the claim that at least there won't be a microtransactionsystem beyond the battlepacks and I guess this is kind of a win as of today.
  3. N80wl

    Miss you peeps

    Yeah man I suppose, this year just went and became one of the best.
  4. N80wl

    Miss you peeps

    Well man, I noticed that you're also in school. Thought you were playing a tad bit more though.
  5. N80wl

    Revolucion Radio

    One of my favorites since quite a while. In my opinion there are two records that quite stand out from the band Edguy. One being Hellfire club and the other is Rocket ride.
  6. Well, yeah. It's coming towards christmas and the end of this year and I miss you guys and gals. Even though I try to keep up with the community at the website I feel that I miss the gaming part a lot. It is pure fricking fun with you guys and I think you should know that. A funny bunch you are indeed. I have about one year of studies left, and a specialist course for psychiatry. I sure hope this community will be alive still when I get out of jail. I've made the decision to not own a gaming rig until I'm done with my goals. I've built a couple but I sold fast af... This is because at 40 years and passed you get to know yourself. I've burned through governmental funding for studying at this level and well,,,I need to juggle work as well as studies way past full time. I know, I just know that I would be the one sitting with Orq half past two in the morning swearing... Then of course the studying and work would be suffering. That doesn't mean I don't miss it just because life happens. You should be proud of what you're doing and the elders for what they have created. I feel and have felt since day one that this is passed an ordinary gaming community. Sometimes I like to believe that it is kind of family. BE PROUD. @SKY It kind of annoys me a bit when I think about it, you would own me so bad. This...I can't really deal with this. No, seriously, miss you man. So, if only one thing, you people are a part of something quite wonderful considering circumstances.
  7. N80wl

    Revolucion with a T

    Heu heu. "Användarvänlighetsundersökning".
  8. Cool. I think it's rather good but I prefer most fish smoked or grilled to be honest.
  9. I wonder if raw spiced salmon is something that's known and eaten outside Scandinavia? Any brits here who has eaten it?
  10. It would appear as if that forum lacks activity. Are they still active in game? I don't keep track since well...I'm not playing.
  11. N80wl

    Revolucion Radio

    I've been listening to this guy Leo for a while on and off. He's running a studio in Norway and makes lots of really good metal covers in his spare time. This one keeps amazing me, I can't stop watching her mouth.
  12. People have way too much time to spend on just anything.
  13. Building a new somewhat modified gaming rig?