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VIVA has its own Discord server! Do join if you haven't already! : )
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  1. You already did so this morning ?? Nevermind
  2. Welcome back! We don't have a BF1 server however we are a handful that play it regularly. Hop on our Discord when you have time.
  3. Kirikou97212

    NormanD - reapplying

    Hi and welcome back. As has been stated above, some of us, even us generals, don't know (or remember) you sorry It would be nice of you to jolt our memory a bit. Also don't forget the lolpet
  4. Kirikou97212

    Revolucion Radio

  5. Kirikou97212

    Report server issues here

    The issue should be resolved now. (hopefully for good)
  6. Kirikou97212

    Report server issues here

    I am currently waiting for an answer from Fragnet. Will keep you guys posted.
  7. Kirikou97212

    Report server issues here

    Good news. Keep us posted if it starts acting up again.