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  1. FloofersFox

    BF Bad Company 3?

    I recently watched a few more vids on the EA stuff when they dug themselves deeper again... And it was on the topic of the whole greedy money grabbing system they planned for battlefront 2 before the outrage then happened, according to a leak they're not planning on abandoning that tactic and will apply it to the next AAA game(which might be this one), while abandoning battlefront 2 altogether, because the cash grab didn't work out. I'm done with giving them money.
  2. FloofersFox

    BF Bad Company 3?

    They make claims all the time though. And after the whole starwars debacle, I think more people are pretty damn aware that all they have cared about for a long time now is money. All the things they say are for money, not for their customers, for their playerbase. If they actually make it like that, then sure. But Dice made a lot of claims about battlefield 1 before it came out too... And I'm pretty sure EA pushed it out as soon as possible, cutting a lot of corners.
  3. FloofersFox

    Which one to chose?!

    Why not both? The card comes with the WD40
  4. FloofersFox

    [ACCEPTED] Dr. Goodenough - Application

    Quickly, take him back to warmth!
  5. FloofersFox

    BF Bad Company 3?

    I feel like Bad Company 2 was amazing, really amazing, but the way their games look and work right now, you can bet there's gonna be some sort of version of battlepacks, they might even lower the aoe of explosive stuff from the get go instead of nerfing it like in bf4 and there's definitely gonna be a ton of DLCs you can buy. Looking back at the older games, less is more... and they don't understand that.
  6. FloofersFox

    BF Bad Company 3?

    With how EA has been doing lately, I doubt I'll be getting it.
  7. FloofersFox

    Well played on server ???

    The server has been struggling for a long while, we're trying things out again, if hopeless is doing so much better, noone is stopping you from playing there. No need to rub it in our faces more that other servers happen to still be alive, we are quite aware of it.
  8. FloofersFox

    Revolucion with a T

    She's sadly not my type. Don't think she has a strap-on and definitely doesn't have a penis.
  9. FloofersFox

    Revolucion with a T

    Slovenian huh? Lemme check this out oh my god I feel like I might vomit. Okay I read ahead, looked into it more, the first few bits I saw made me feel eugh, but not... thaaaat bad... The deeper I go, the more I'm interested... Help. Although all the beauty crap is still crap.
  10. FloofersFox

    VIVA vids

    Should come around again sometime, I feel like everytime we still get together, we end up fighting on some roof with UCAVs and/or SMAWs
  11. FloofersFox

    Server ?.....

    Having queues on servers still doesn't necessarily mean the game isn't dying, the change after BF1 came out was very noticable. Not to mention they kinda... over nerfed some things here as well... The numbers have dropped, there's plenty of other dead servers, people went to the next thing and either got bored of it and never came back or stayed there, obviously there's exceptions but you know, personally, I don't think it's looking the best. It is kinda demoralizing to see the server empty and yeah we could all hang around on it more to try and attract more folks, but not everyone plays this game much anymore and lives happen I think there will be servers that stride on for years to come, but that wont be the case for everyone, heck if we look back at battlefield bad company 2 that still has filled out servers, but there's not nearly as many as when the game was peaking.
  12. I have them, in the first one, got to a point of going down in the cellar bits... Scary game f'ed up, 10/10 never gonna play again. Although, I get scared easily with these things
  13. FloofersFox

    FPS Super Low

    Out of curiosity, is there a same-ish way of fps increases on battlefield 4?
  14. FloofersFox


    *cough* I know of this. Me and my Serbian friend have good laughs over some of this persons vids.