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VIVA has its own Discord server! Do join if you haven't already! : )
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  1. Octi

    NormanD - reapplying

  2. Looks pretty awesome, just need to find some time to play again ?
  3. Octi

    Public Discord

    Hey everyone! In the past, we've always kept our out of game communication (e.g., TS, chat) private. However, we've now made the switch to Discord and it is open to everyone! Hopefully, this will encourage more interaction between members and regulars while allowing us to communicate and organise more effectively in an effortless manner! Tutorial
  4. Octi

    VIVA vids

    The only thing I miss about bf4 is the battle for the roof
  5. Welcome genuinely forgot you weren't a member already
  6. Octi

    Help needed F*cking PC

    The title of this thread worried me a bit because it sounded like you needed help putting your dick in your pc, I'm very glad to see that's not the case! I can't actually help with your problem, but I'm sure someone else can!
  7. It's going to be a long time before I can commit to playing a game like that, studying has to come first now ?
  8. I feel like this could be good, but because it's Netflix I'm kinda wary.
  9. I think we have a thread for that somewhere, I'm not even sure what my name is
  10. Yeah i do! I'll give you a shout next time I'm playing and see you on Sounds like a plan!
  11. Octi

    [ACCEPTED] LoneHuntsman Application

    @LoneHuntsman I've just updated your colour for you! Since it's late, we'll say your trial starts tomorrow, so 12th May - 26th May is your trial date
  12. Anyone playing this? I bought it recently to play with some friends and it's a lot of fun, once you get the hang of it. It's a survival game, where the goal is basically to kill everyone else and stay alive! I'm bad at explaining
  13. Octi

    [ACCEPTED] LoneHuntsman Application

    Welcome! Sorry to keep you waiting, I'm the recruiter around here and, unfortunately, got a bit busy with real life things the past week or 2, so slightly neglected your application. Mentor - Your mentor will be like your own personal guide to viva. They should be your first point of contact if you have any questions, and should they be unavailable, a backup mentor will be around to help, though everyone is very friendly and I'm sure willing to help if needed. For you, @Sanslik is your mentor, with @aerodynamicfish stepping in if need be. Trial - Now that you have a mentor, you can begin your 2 week trial. You will get a VIP slot to our servers, access to our clan TS, and your permissions on the forums will be like those of a full member. You will also be allowed to wear the VIVA tag in game, and can apply to the platoon on battlelog. In order for your trial to be successful, you should get to know as many of us as possible, and let us get to know you! The best way to do this is squad up in game, join TS, and chat on the forums. These are our 3 main areas of contact, and participation in 2/3 of these is required. If at any time during the trial real life gets in the way and prevents you from being as active as you'd like, please let us know, and we'll happily freeze your trial until you have more time to commit Public health announcement - VIVA is a fun, light-hearted community, and so we don't take skill level seriously. There are those of us who do enjoy try-harding, and that's okay! It's not a requirement though, so play how you like! We don't have many rules, but those we do have are clearly displayed on both the servers and forums. We hope you enjoy your time with us and the friendship we offer as a multicultural group. Please notice we have members here from many nations: North, South, East and West. As we all have different international backgrounds we respect each others national differences and we expect that whatever troubles may be going on in the real world you don't bring them into gaming and chat. We encourage friendship, family, social life and a sense of humour - and overall respect and we don't want to see friction caused by politics, war and religion. Please leave that at the door on the way in. Conflict may exist between nations but we don't make a big deal out of it here as this is where hardworking folk come to relax and have fun Have fun, and good luck with your trial!
  14. Octi

    [ACCEPTED] Application - HptmNaumann

    There's a post in the members section you gotta read before offering to do that
  15. New recruits, this section is mostly for your benefit! Being a multi game clan, there's a chance that you won't initially run into every member based on what we're all playing at the time. This section helps give you a little bit of background info on who we are, what the different colours on the site mean, and the roles we all play here The generals Generals are red, and we're the leaders of the clan. Any issues anyone has with anything, at any time, can be brought to our attention and we'll take care of it The generals are: Octi (in-game - ColonelOctighpus), @MrIbra (in-game - MrIbra) and @Kirikou97212 (in-game - Kirikou97212) The admins These are the members whose title is in pink. They police the servers and deal with any trouble makers. If you're enjoying playing on our servers and enjoy a chat box that's not filled with the usual toxic language experienced on other servers, you have these guys to thank! While our admins are always happy to help, please remember that they are players just like everyone else, they don't want to constantly be dealing with admin duties and never get to play! The members Without these guys, the clan would be nothing. All the work the above groups do is to keep our members happy! Viva is at heart a community of friends, and every single member has their own role to play in keeping it the magical place it is! The friends Anyone with a yellow group name is a friend of the clan, someone who we know and get on well enough with that we consider them an extension of the clan.