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  1. New thing to consume liquid stuff at work:
  2. SadOrNotSoSadPanda

    Revolucion Radio

  3. Image quality is a bit shite but it's a keyboard...
  4. SadOrNotSoSadPanda

    BF Bad Company 3?

    If they don't bring this back I'm slightly disappointed... Would be nice if they indeed release Bad Company 3.
  5. SadOrNotSoSadPanda


    Around that budget there's probably not a big difference in terms of sound quality in gaming headsets with good reputation. I can however agree that DT 770 Pro are good headphones but already goes over your budget. Personally I won't buy gaming headset again after using headphone+mic combination Although that is actually gaming headset, mic in them isn't particularly bad imo but proper mic is much better... Good luck though.
  6. SadOrNotSoSadPanda

    Revolucion Radio

    A bit different love song...I do prefer tunes like this over those cheesy ones >_>
  7. SadOrNotSoSadPanda

    GR Wildlands bugs

    I borrow your thread for few short clips as no point creating new thread for them, sorry.... These are not bugs though.
  8. SadOrNotSoSadPanda


  9. SadOrNotSoSadPanda

    Revolucion Radio

    This song is filled with references to games (7 or more) >_>
  10. SadOrNotSoSadPanda

    Battlefield 4 UI Released

    This is the only thing I have to say about new UI: Fast switch to bf1 doesn't make it good either as QoL feature going straight to battlelog without need to type credentials from origin client is no more