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  1. El Zartan

    Sounds interesting (Hell Let Loose)

    Looks promising ! I hope they will have an official mode forcing everyone to play it tactically, not a commander we can chose to ignore, leading to disastrous scenarios like in BF. Still fun but would nice to have something where thinking and sticking together is a must for a change, especially on that scale
  2. El Zartan

    NormanD - reapplying

    Welcome Back ! Like the old man said if you ask me Glad to see you back, what did you become ? ^^
  3. El Zartan

    Which one to chose?!

    Not sure if it's the right section to ask but let's say it is. Beneath are 2 images and I'd like input about what is best to offer for an upcoming End Of The Year event!! But I don't want the pictures to be seen in in the preview so I put them down there, like a NSFW but I don't want a spoilerbox in the post preview either. Let's mention it is for my father.
  4. I would use that but not sure he'd like it.
  5. If they paid you to get rid of it, the picure doesn't belong here! Seriously, looks nice Nice upgrade
  6. I might want to remember this tonight
  7. El Zartan

    Miss you peeps

    Funny bunch indeed Looking forward to see you again some time ^^, meanwhile bonus fortuna reaching your goal!! Combining both might not be easy every day but I hope for you it will be worth in the end ^^ For the rest, couldn't say it better! I feel grateful for what VIVA brings and it feels like a family to me too, hard to put words on that But I like the magic it can bring!! BIG UP VIVA!
  8. El Zartan

    [ACCEPTED] Dr. Goodenough - Application

    Easy makes people weak!! But I can live with that , that sergeant does not impress me
  9. El Zartan

    [ACCEPTED] Dr. Goodenough - Application

    I prefer blue but blue is blue enough
  10. Hi VIVA! I am Zartan, for now I mostly answer under the nick of Dr.Goodenough but I will answer to both nicknames For the newer folks around, I was part of VIVA for quiet a while since a few months back where I decided to leave for personal reasons. Anyway, I am ready to give it a second go and here I am. I hope to wear the blue again shortly, it has always been my favourite colour Oh, and I almost forgot the lolcat! Zartan
  11. This deserves its own topic. Last winter I read a book, something I didn't do in a long time back then. It was recommended by a friend of mine, I was invited to borrow his book and I was able to give it back to him in the very same week! You couldn't imagine my excitement when I heard that the post production was on route. Directed by Steven Spielberg with the writer of the book 'Ernest Cline' working on the screenplay, it means the movie will probably stick to the original story which is good news if you ask me. I think that the story will attract quiet a lot of gamers and/or 80/90's pop culture fans and also those who are impatient for the VR technology to reach his golden age.
  12. El Zartan

    Revolucion Radio

    This is a track in NFS Payback, I like the trumpetish sound @Bizz Were you part of this? Any plausible explanation would be you stunting on that bike; starting at 1min39.