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VIVA has its own Discord server! Do join if you haven't already! : )
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NormanD - reapplying

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Evening all,

Its been quite a while since i been on here, but I would very much like to come back.

Bob knows me from BF3 and BF4.



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Yes, I can endorse this chap guys. He also PM'd me and I have responded and copied Octi into the conversation.

Col is a steady and sensible member worth allowing back into the fold.....he's also a mean BF4 team player to have on your side....

...but that's up to you guys.

Take care all.


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@El Guapo Thanks for your input!


Hi there & welcome to the forums!

It's always nice seeing people from days gone by, but as you can imagine, a lot has happened over the years.
Perhaps you could tell us a bit more about yourself and your time with the clan as you knew it back then. :)

Also, feel free to hop onto our Discord server and chat with the current members: http://revolucion.me/discord


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Welcome back mate!

Have been hitting BF1 with you lately.

I can vouch for him too. I think zartan and other too that were here few years ago.

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Hi and welcome back.

As has been stated above, some of us, even us generals, don't know (or remember) you sorry :D
It would be nice of you to jolt our memory a bit.

Also don't forget the lolpet

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52 minutes ago, NormanD said:

Thanks everyone !

Been overseas for a bit, but back in the UK now and looking to catch up with guys more often


Nice to hear that! :)

What do you play nowadays?

I'll mention Discord again where you'll find most of us hanging around on a frequent basis.

Great place to interact with everyone!

Link: http://revolucion.me/discord


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Hi Ibra,

I play mostly BF1 but still go on BF4 or BF3 now and then. Played the Sinlge player CoD WW2 as the multiplayer is too small at the moment.

I'll check the link and set up an account.

Thanks again !



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