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El Zartan

Which one to chose?!

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Not sure if it's the right section to ask but let's say it is. 

Beneath are 2 images and I'd like input about what is best to offer for an upcoming End Of The Year event!!

But I don't want the pictures to be seen in in the preview so I put them down there, like a NSFW but I don't want a spoilerbox in the post preview either. 







































































































































aWmqRRn_700b.jpg                              943ec9cd0901be85f5f79e13c3563a9b--kids-crafts-baby-crafts.jpg


Let's mention it is for my father. 

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Because I always edit :p
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Shit, hard choice but go with WD-40, you can't go wrong. Especially if he likes cars/motorcycles, he'll love it :lol:

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